the Making Of invincible
Process photos
Director: Dan Brown
Executive Producer: Alan Nay
Head of Production: Casey Steele
Producers: Sam Kelly, Morgan Freed
Tennis Player: Kendall Baebler
Creature: Dustin Brown, Erik Simkins
Director of Photography: Jacob Rosen
B-Camera: Domenic Barbero
Production Designer: Kaleo Quenzer
Creature Design Supervisor: Rogelio Salinas
Creature Designer: Emma Frost
Creature Effects: Shawn Shelton
Editor: Nick Pezzillo
Assistant Editor: Champ Ensminger
VFX Supervisor: Todd Perry
Compositor: Roger Salinas
3D Animator/Compositor: Kalin Fields
Designer/Animator: Emma Frost
Color Correction: Light Press
Audio: Clatter & Din
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