A roar rips through lungs of steel in a desolate world on the brink. He rides. Fulmer is a motorcycle accessories company seeking to elevate brand awareness. To do this we created a cinematic teaser trailer targeting riders who see their motorcycles as an extension of themselves. The teaser depicts a mysterious figure emerging from a shrouded locale and mounting his motorcycle as if he were answering a call to arms. By masking the identity of the rider, we introduce the audience to Fulmer and establish the brand attitude while leaving them wanting more. This teaser can be expanded to a series of viral marketing videos. Direction, Design, & Animation - Eric Dies & Kalin Fields Sound Design - Blake Johnson First Place, Best 3D Compositing (SCAD CoMotion 2012)

Eric & I approached the design process in a way both of us had never tried before. We first designed frames
separately then took our individual frames and extracted the best elements from each. With our combined effort, we made these final frames.
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